Marquez-Pacquiao Fight Live In Sky Cable

It is only rare that our phone would ring in the afternoon because my caller would always be my husband and he would call us at night or early in the morning. I was kind a hesitant to answer it, thinking it might be some people who will just ruin my day by telling me things that I don’t care at all. Anyway, I still answered the phone because on a second thought it might be some emergency I needed to attend to.

It is indeed something I wanted to watch for the first time, the sky cable is offering me the Marquez-Paquiao fights this coming December 9, 2012. They could add me a channel for the fight with no commercial at all. I never watched any of the Pacquiao live via satellite fight before in the TV and that could have been my opportunity to watch one but I declined it, the offer would cost me another P1, 000 and besides no one will be here at home to enjoy watching the fight. We might be going somewhere for family day.

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