Sealed Teeth Were Taken Off

Mj’s teeth were sealed last year, lately she has been complaining that whenever she drinks cold water, her teeth would react and it was painful. The other week, since the tooth in front was slowly cracking, I sent her to her Dentist again to have it checked. After she filled in the front tooth, she noticed that the teeth that she was sealed were taken off, she said it’s weird. So that was my daughter was complaining about, the sealed was took off and the Dentist said it was maybe because she ate and cracks lots of candies.

Today, I will have to drive her there again after I drive Faith to a birthday party, yes she was invited for a birthday party again this afternoon, now I don’t know anymore which one should I drive first, actually I am confused because the birthday party will start at 2:30 P.M. and Mj’s schedule in the Dentist is 1:00 P.M. but the venue of the party is just along the road going to the dentist. Are you also confused? Oh well, I might end this post before everyone gets confused with this post. LOL!

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