She Is Now A Teenager

I really don’t know what to say, although I already expected it but I am still surprised when my eldest uttered me this morning that she already got her first period. My niece was teasing her but my eldest was not affected. I guess she knows what to do already. It has been tackled at her school what to do when the first period comes. She did not even bother to ask me how to put the napkin on her underwear, she just do it on her own.

There is really a big difference from mine before because I was really scared when I had my first period. I feel I committed a crime the first time I have it. My sister even told me to jump from the 3rd stairs at the bottom. And she gave me a red Gumamela flower to put on my cheeks so I won’t get any pimples while entering the teen’s life. Yet now, there are no such things anymore, my daughter just took a shower with more extra proper hygiene this time. And asked how long would it take to have this period stop, and I answered it is just 3 or 4 days and the longest is 5 days. She went off to school bringing extra pad, my husband even asked me if she still went to school and I said yes, it seems like she accept it freely.

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