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The Helmet Should Register This Month

My brother-in-law is trying so hard to save some money for their motorcycle’s registration this month and so as to his helmet as well. Yes, the helmet this time needs to register too and it should be passed of their requirements. They have this logo at the back of the helmet and if one does not have that logo, he will have charges or he will be given a ticket of course it would add up your expenses because you have to pay for it in LTO. The required helmet costs P3, 000.00, I don’t have against with their requirements for the helmet though because the required helmet could help the riders for safety and security in case accident happens. The regular helmet will be only allowed this month, so if you have a motorcycle needs to be registered you may want to buy the standard helmet in the mall. Yes the mall have that kind of helmet and they have the logo ready at the back, I am just not sure how much would be the registration fee. You may want to inquire it at the LTO.

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HJC Modular Helmet

Riding a motorcycle can be a lot of fun.  The best riders are those that obey the rules and wear proper safety gear.  I know that when I drive along I see people without helmets, wearing sandals and even shorts.  Not a great idea if you happen to dump your bike.  Wearing a helmet protects your head.  Bashing your head on the ground if you due dump your bike is asking for disaster.  Wearing a helmet like the HJC Modular helmet, will protect your head in the event something happens and you are in an accident, or you dump your bike and find yourself skidding along the ground.  Be smart and wear protective gear when you ride.

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