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I Thought I Lost You Mom

Since I have something to inquire at my youngest daughter’s school today, I was the one who accompany her to the carpool. She was so happy when she heard it and excitedly prepared herself and things for school. We had so much fun at the carpool but when we arrived at school, she started to get stubborn; she wanted to play in the swing, in which I did not agree because anytime her class would start very soon. But she was so persistent so I response and told her she only got few minutes and once the bell wound ring we have to go back so she can’t be late. However when the bell rang, she ran and ran and so I have to chase her, I was already pissed off!

I didn’t say any word when I sent her to her classroom and so she knows that I was so disappointed of her behaviour, she hen told me that I should not go away and I would stay. I have to go out at school after I sent her to her classroom, I needed to have pedicured and so I was late when I fetched her. I found her at the entertainment area, where they gather students who does not have any parents to fetch them yet. I called her from outside when I arrived and when she saw me, she said “I thought I lost you Mom” I was so touch, she still sweet after all.

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