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Thanks For These Banners

I didn’t expect that taking pictures of banners could help me trace the events of my daughter. Yes the teacher asked me to write those events that Mj won for medals. I just have to go over with my albums stored in my hard drive and presto we were able to submit it without any hassle at all.

 photo DSCN7046_zps2efe1de7.jpg

So first was the Languywan sa kadayawan where she won 3 bronze and 1 silver.

 photo DSCN8026_zpsde8f48d9.jpg

Langoy Pilipinas 2011 where she won 2 bronze and 2 silver

 photo RSCN8125_zps5668b118.jpg

Mindanao Open Swim Championship where she won 1 gold and 4 silvers.

 photo DSCN9211_zpse5558a15.jpg

Langoy Pilipinas 2012 where she got 4 golds and 2 silvers held in Marbel

 photo DSCN7641-1_zpsfb60229d.jpg

And yes lastly the Davraa from last summer, she won 2 silvers for the single events and 2 golds for relay.

I was not able to take a picture for the banner of DAVRAA because the charger of my camera was left at home.

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