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Mother And Daughter Bonding

Geez, days are rolling very fast because this is the day that I will be getting my kids report cards. Yeah, I mean I would get Mj’s card by tomorrow yet, I can’t wait to see her grades. So Faith and I went out today to get her report card, when she arrived at the Gym, she greeted her teachers immediately. The teachers were laughing at how she greeted them loudly, Faith really got their charm that they had so much fun with her. Her grades were high not the Math though but not flunked. Oh, obviously she hates numbers, I mean totally!

So after we got her card and her updates, we went to the mall together as I want to treat her in a fancy but oh well she always suggested Jollibee and her stomach is bubbling and she want to eat at the Jollibee she even toldĀ that to all the passengers in the Jeepney that she’s hungry and she want to eat at the bee. LOL

Yeah, we had a nice bonding together; she had so much fun of the rides, carousel and those stuffs. She was also running around with some kids in the playground. It is a nice feeling seeing her having fun and hearing her laugh. And I guess we should do it very often.

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