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Conversation Of Me And My Daughter

My  youngest daughter is very funny when she talked, and I find it very amazing. Here were some of our conversation together.

One night when we were about to sleep:

Coughing a bit

Faith: I told you Mom, stop making that noise, am trying to sleep

Me: Okay Faith I am sorry

Faith: Do you understand?

Me: Yes, I understand

Faith: That’s good

When we were in the Jeepney going to the mall:

Faith: I don’t like Jeepney, there are lots of us and my stomach is bubbling.

Me: Are you hungry?

Faith: Yes Mama, and I want to eat at Jabile (Jollibee)

When we went inside the GO NUTS Donuts to buy some pasalubong for my niece and eldest daughter

She exlaimed:

Faith: WOOOOWWW!! Dunkin Donuts

Failed, the staff and crew looked at her, laughing

When we were in the cab going home

Faith: I want to go to America Mom

Me: What will you ride then when you go to America?

Faith: A boat


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Exciting Microphone

Alright, I am a frustrated singer and I guess my daughter is also getting that from me. My sister even laughed at her whenever she sings because she really does not have a nice voice. And I must admit that no matter how I denied it, so aside from learning guitar I also want to enrol her in a voice lesson. Or maybe to lower the cost, we will just buy the exciting mxl 990 instead, a condenser microphone that has shock mount. The shock mount has the silky sweet high end. Ya know, when you do digital and analog recording, it would create professional sounds. What do you think; would we stick for a voice lesson or just purchase this kind of microphone?

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