A Bike For Her Birthday

Mj’s birthday is fast approaching, good thing she doesn’t ask for a party this time. She just asked for a new bike that she could ride on whenever she wants to roam around the village. I am already making a canvass for a bike; I saw one in the mall and its semi mountain bike. It’s worth P3,000.oo, it has  complete accessories, it looks as if it won’t give up that easy although yeah the amount is a bit expensive but I guess it’s all worth it since she is not asking for another party on her birthday, she just asked a pizza for her classmates. I just hope that the bike that I am going to buy is really durable and would long last, her old bike did not. Mariel was also excited because that means she could ride on Mj’s bike as well. She wanted to ride a bike in this past few days, she said she wants to lose weight and biking could help her with her weight.

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  1. Lauri Oneil says:

    Changing wheel sets will save weight. Using tubeless vs. tubes does not save weight. In general, you can run a light tube that weighs about the same as sealant valve. And you could run lighter tires if you are running tubes to get a comparably secure setup, if running tubeless the tires should be a little bit more robust with tougher beads. The main benefit is a much better ride quality, meaning better traction when climbing and cornering. And the ability to run your tire pressure lower without pinch-flatting. If you have never pinch-flatted a tube, you likely have very non-technical terrain or you run your pressure relatively high. The ability to sustain little punctures like goat heads and cactus spines with and immediate re-seal is very nice too. A proper tubeless setup requires very little maintenance, except when the sealant dries out. That said, it is more work than tubes but well worth it.

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