Conversation Of Me And My Daughter

My  youngest daughter is very funny when she talked, and I find it very amazing. Here were some of our conversation together.

One night when we were about to sleep:

Coughing a bit

Faith: I told you Mom, stop making that noise, am trying to sleep

Me: Okay Faith I am sorry

Faith: Do you understand?

Me: Yes, I understand

Faith: That’s good

When we were in the Jeepney going to the mall:

Faith: I don’t like Jeepney, there are lots of us and my stomach is bubbling.

Me: Are you hungry?

Faith: Yes Mama, and I want to eat at Jabile (Jollibee)

When we went inside the GO NUTS Donuts to buy some pasalubong for my niece and eldest daughter

She exlaimed:

Faith: WOOOOWWW!! Dunkin Donuts

Failed, the staff and crew looked at her, laughing

When we were in the cab going home

Faith: I want to go to America Mom

Me: What will you ride then when you go to America?

Faith: A boat


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