When He Is Only A Teacher And Not A Parent

I am so thankful that this morning, I did not nag my girls to wake up here at home. The moment that my husband called me on the phone, I immediately woke the kids up to get ready. Mariel did the cooking for our rice while I fried our rice from last night, heat the viand and fried some hotdogs. Mj assists us all the way. It was indeed a very quiet morning and we had fun talking about things on our breakfast.

We know that our kids get stubborn even ones to those who are already in college. But no matter how stubborn they are, no one has the right to hit our children. I was so pissed off when I saw that video in the news; a professor attacked and berated a student in Manila during the first day of classes. Yes we don’t know the other side of the story but still he doesn’t have any rights to attack a student like that, especially when the student is a girl. It is good that the school management terminated the professor immediately. Aren’t they, the students were the one paying the professors in school? I am not saying that the teacher does not have the right to discipline students or pupils, but one should not abused their power and authority, he should not hit any students, boy or girls at school. I admit, I also get lose my patient with my kids and sometimes I would use a belt but I always see to it I don’t go beyond, 3 or 4 times spanking would be enough and if I am still mad at what they did, I walk out, as my husband always told me, go out when you still can or before anything else happens. But with my niece who is already in college and is living with me, I already don’t spank her, I reprimanded her for like many times in a day or I always reminding her of this and that. The professor did to the student is already beyond the limits, especially when he is only a teacher and not a parent.

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4 Responses to “When He Is Only A Teacher And Not A Parent”

  1. Rcel says:

    My husband is a professor and he couldn’t swallow the attitude of that professor who did such an unimaginable thing to the student. We saw the news via 24 Oras and it was unbelievable. He was a teacher of Personality Development and yet look what he did? He deserves to learn a lesson. He is such a shame!

  2. jheylo says:

    yeah i seen that on TFC and it was horrible. Good thing he got fired, he don’t deserve to be a teacher especially when he treat students like that. The fact that he teaches Personality… I think he should practice what he preach!

  3. Deli says:

    What the professor did is horrible. But I also feel sad that because of what he regrettably did that day, he has lost opportunities (maybe all opportunities) to teach again. I hope if he has anger issues that he could ask for some help about it. I had taught a class in a college in Bangkok before for about 5-6 semesters. And yes, there are times when it is difficult dealing with students especially when they misbehave. Thank God that I was always reminded to just leave the room, get a class of water and breathe in some fresh air when it was too much for me.

  4. all i can say is that he needs to pay for what he did, and he’ll sure learn from that.

    no parent would ever want their kids to be treated the way that man did. he’s a nobody even.

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