Grounded For Biking

I really hate to be promised of something and then later he or she cannot do it.

This afternoon when my daughter arrived from school, she asked me immediately if she could bike around the village. I told her its okay but she should not go further and that she can only biked within Phase 2, she could not go to Phase 1 or Phase 3 or else I will implement a rule that she might never like. Then she said yes, so I let her go outside the house, telling her she should not stay outside longer and she should go back after 30 minutes.

It was also passed 6:00 p.m., and she is still not at home, so I went out and looked for her, I am so mad when I found her at Phase 1. When she went inside our house, I asked her what happen to her promised, I got a long discussion with her after a while I told her she is grounded for a month, she could not use her bike for one month and if after a month and she will bike and she would do it again, I would implement a one year rule of no biking.

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