I Need To Have My Own House And So I Can Design It

When the house does not have the better fluorescent lamp, the house would look like lousy and not impressive at all. So even our house is not that glamorous, I make sure that I have the best compact fluorescent lamps so the inside of our house would be bright all night long. I am also choosing a lamp that has the energy saver so our bill will not be that high not to mention that the electricity bill is increasing this year. That’s what I’ve heard from a friend yesterday when we had our coffee in a coffee shop, the electricity company will have an increase of charges this year. And speaking of expenses, geez, I know I spent more than enough last two months because of my two daughters’ birthday. And now I am looking forward to cut some out at least, I am aiming to lesser my expenses for next month. Oh well, I know it is not easy since I need to buy things for the house and some of my fluorescent lamps are needed to be replace. But how I wish we could move out in the house for the next two months, I am already tired of this house already, I can’t do the things I needed to do because it’s not mine. I missed having my own house to have my own design and decide my own what to do with it.

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