Long Weekend Birthday Celebration

Faith had a blast of course Jollibee visited her on her birthday at the classroom right after their quiz. But was disappointed because the Program only last for 30 minutes, in fact they were only able to present one game. Then we suggested showing the mascot. It is not actually the fault of the staffs, they arrived so early and when they knocked at my daughter’s classroom the teacher said that they still have a quiz and they have to finish it. I guess they started to set up at almost 2 already. Oh well, I just thought that Faith was so happy to see Jollibee and the foods. So for the celebrant to stop thinking that her birthday celebration is over, I treat her and the kids to stay at the Apo View Hotel. They were so happy to hear about it especially Faith since she is really looking forward to swim in the pool. Faith got thrilled too when we had dinner at the Entrée restaurant that she run and climb of one of the couch there. We have to chase her so she will stop running. And a moment later, Mariel was able to catch her. I was so embarrassed, this kid must learn how to behave in a fancy restaurant like this, and good thing the staffs were kind and very approachable.

We had a nice swimming this morning with Faith, her two Ate did not swim since Mj has a period and Mariel forgot to bring her own swim suit, so it was only I and Faith were able to enjoy plunging at the pool. Everything seems great, there’s only one thing I really want to suggest for the hotel to provide, they should have a heater in the pool so those people who just would like to plunge or swim, they won’t be shaking the first time they go down in the water. I am not sure though if we sell some heater pool, I guess not since this is a tropical country.

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