Men With A Briefcase

When I was still young, I am really impressed with men who carry briefcases, I would think maybe they have the best job or they were a boss of a certain company. It is only after college I realized that some people who carries a briefcase, some of them are salesmen or med reps, don’t get me wrong, I mean all of it is a noble job, I just thought before that people who carries a briefcase has their own office and just sitting there all day long, signing some papers and wait for their salary every 15th day. On the other hand my husband also carries a briefcase, but he is not a salesman or med reps or even a big boss, he always brings it with him because there are files or papers he needs to put there and a simple bag would make the papers crumpled. He has many briefcases, I am just not sure if he has the david king briefcase, it said it has the quality and durable and knowing my husband, no matter how affordable or expensive a certain thing is if it has the quality he would really buy it and use it in longer years. But if he doesn’t have that kind of briefcase maybe I would buy it for him but I have to ask him first so he would really use it.

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