She Did A First Aid To Her Toes

Faith approached me the other night and said she bite her nails again. When I looked at her toe nails it seems like it was cut and it was also bleeding. This is what her problem she cannot resist to bite her toe nail or finger nails, I’d been telling to stop it but it just it became her habit. I put some alcohol on it, which is why she cried so hard. Later my niece found something, it was a sharp tool in the table, she did not believe that she actually bite it since it was bleeding so she asked Mj if she used that earlier. Mj said she used it to poke a spot of dirt on the side of her nails, so Mariel concluded maybe Faith imitated of what her Ate was doing because they were alone in the bedroom at that time. Mj did not noticed Faith used that sharp tool because she was busy attending her Kumon worksheets. I was even mad when I knew it, I asked Faith if she did that but she is denying it. I even told her I would put more alcohol then she said sorry. It was a moment later when Mariel laugh because Faith did a first aid move on her toes; she took a cloth from the drawer and wrapped the cuts. She did this while crying. She showed it to me and said I am really sorry Mom!

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