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I Miss This Baby So Much

I miss this baby in the picture, lately I have always been looking all her baby pictures that stored in my external hard drive, good thing I saved all of them including when she was yet an infant. I just adored her so much, oh well maybe that is all how moms are, they always adored and very proud of their baby and so I am always to her.

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To Replace The Broken One

My husband was looking for another piano for my little teapot since she broke her old piano just the other day. She told me it was her sister who dropped it but her sister said she did not do it. On the other hand, my husband knows so well that Faith loves her piano and he tried to look for a new piano to replace the old one but he was not able to find the best keyboard piano. Maybe the best thing to do is to look for a piano here with our daughter and so Faith could pick the one she wants. She will be the one playing for it after all, as soon as my eldest heard about this, she is also asked her Dad to buy her a guitar on summer.

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