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Swimming At Toscana

And so after a short chitchat at home, the kids decided to go to the clubhouse to have some fun in the water. I accompany them still though they know already how to swim and can go to the deep part in the pool; I took some pictures of them while they are having fun. I even asked them to do the stroke and they gladly followed it.

 photo HPIM0094-1_zpsaf4eb3e3.jpg

After I asked them to do the stroke, I let them play in the water. I can see that they miss each other so much; having fun in the pool for 3 hours has never been enough for them. They were able to meet some new friends in the pool. We fetch them about 8:00 p.m.; already they were so tired and ready for dinner.

 photo HPIM0098_zpsbe791ee9.jpg

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