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Toddler Could Also Feel Stress

I don’t actually agreed of sending the toddler who’s age is only 2 years old, I admit that I sent Faith at the age of 3 years old but my purpose was of her to play and get socialize later did I know that they were already dealing books and some stuffs. And so I didn’t really exerted for her to study, I just let her to do her own so at least she would enjoy the school and not bore her.

But every day, I feel like I am obliged to study with her especially now because she is already in level 2. One friend told me before that as long as I could, sent the toddler to school or kids to school when she already turned 6 years old so the kid will not get bored at school but with the new program at DepEd, parents are really obliged to send the toddler as early as 3 years old. Some parents are even tight when they study with their toddler, without knowing that the pre-schoolers could feel stress too!

On the other hand, here are some signs and symptoms that your kid is dealing with stress:

Behavioral: The kid could have mood swings, easily to get irritated, he or she would loss appetite, wetting the bed, vomiting without reason, and he or she may be able to not concentrate at all.

When in terms of Physical: The kid could feel aches and pains, not the usual bowel movement, and he or she would lose weight because of the stress.

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