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Two Parties This Week

Yesterday, I went out early so I could buy a gift for the birthday celebrant, yes Faith attended a birthday party of her classmate this afternoon. When I have the gift wrapped after I paid for it, I realized that Mj and Faith will be attending another birthday party this weekend. So I left the gift that at the counter of the wrapping area and went up again to buy another gift. The venue of today’s birthday party is at the Jollibee in the mall, my daughter and sister Merlyn is already waited for me there. When I entered the venue, they did not started yet; Faith was so happy to see me and gave the gift to her classmate immediately. It was so much fun. Oh well, at least the kids are having so much fun, the laughs and the smiles that the kids are showing is genuine. There are kids who cried because they were not able to win or had the loot bags, but later they all gather together to greet and sing the birthday celebrant a birthday song.

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Safer Than On A Regular Car Jack

We put a lot of money in to car repairs this past year.  We could have saved a lot of money if we could have done some of them ourselves.  My husband can do some basic maintenance like changing the oils and things like that, but we do not have a way to get the car off the ground to do this.  Lying under the car is not a good idea because there is not enough room to move around easily.  A car lift would help a lot.  We could get the car off the ground and do it in a safe manner, much safer than on a regular car jack.

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