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No Dad, I’m Not Dead!

After attending the birthday party at Jollibee last Wednesday, Faith, sister Merlyn and I went immediately to where our relative’s remains lie. When we entered the funeral Faith asked me right away, “He is dead Mom? He will become a Zombie?” We wanted to laugh out loud but since we are inside the funeral and I am afraid somebody would get disturbed with our laughs, I just explained it to her that “He will not become a zombie but an angel”. So Faith keeps on telling all the kids there inside the funeral that he will not become a Zombie so there is nothing to worry about.

I didn’t know that it was stored on her mind that when her Daddy called her on the phone and asked her if she is an angel she abruptly said “No Dad! I am not dead”. Her Dad laughs so loud and asked me where did she get the conclusion, and I just explained to him everything. Yesterday when my niece asked her again if she is an angel, she then answered “No, because I don’t have wings and halo”.

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Accessories That We Need To Buy For Her Guitar Lesson

My eldest daughter is finally enrolled for her guitar lesson; she is very excited about it. She was even counting the calendar of how many days is left before her class will start. We are actually made a canvassed already for a guitar for her to practice while at home and we didn’t realized that we need more accessories for her guitar until recently when somebody told me about emg pickups, the attendant of the store kind of explaining what is it used for but I still didn’t get the idea. Maybe I can understand it later when Mj will start her lesson this month, I told her to understand everything so she can relay it to me and we can purchase the accessories that we need for her lesson.

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