Annoying But Sweet At Times

Faith can be annoying at times, yesterday when I drove her to school, she was crying so hard she said she doesn’t want to ride in my car but to her carpool because my car was so hot. I told her she has to go with me because we will be going to the mall later.

When we arrived at school and I was looking for a space to park, I have to pass by at where the gate was so I can park properly. Faith said suddenly, “Mom, my school is there, I don’t wanna be late” of course the Mama has to be patient so I told her, I have to park properly.

When I fetched her from her classroom, she then introduced me to her teacher saying “Teacher, this is my Mom, and she is the best Mama forever”. Finally, Faith said something that made me so happy and flattered; see how can she be so sweet so fast?

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