Left Your Keys?

My husband once left his key to his car and he tried to call some offices that take care for opening his car but he can’t find any. I could have suggest a Quick Lockworks locksmith if he is only around Calgary I may advised him to call locksmith calgary but geez he lives in another part of the world so there’s no way he can have their service. So if you are living around Calgary and you have issues with keys locked inside your house, contact the best locksmith or you may duplicate your keys and hide it under your lawn, you just have to make sure that no one would see or know it except you. So if in case you left your keys inside your house or car, you will not get worry because you know you have kept one that could open your cars. I remember when my eldest daughter left our keys to the house and we didn’t have any duplicates on hand so what I did was I break our window glass we can reach the keys that were placed near the window, I was so mad at my daughter that’s why I actually accidentally break the glass by hands. My daughter cried when she saw my hand bleeding, it was a lesson to learn for both of us, not to leave the keys and secure duplicate so it will not be hard for us to open our house again.

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