No Dad, I’m Not Dead!

After attending the birthday party at Jollibee last Wednesday, Faith, sister Merlyn and I went immediately to where our relative’s remains lie. When we entered the funeral Faith asked me right away, “He is dead Mom? He will become a Zombie?” We wanted to laugh out loud but since we are inside the funeral and I am afraid somebody would get disturbed with our laughs, I just explained it to her that “He will not become a zombie but an angel”. So Faith keeps on telling all the kids there inside the funeral that he will not become a Zombie so there is nothing to worry about.

I didn’t know that it was stored on her mind that when her Daddy called her on the phone and asked her if she is an angel she abruptly said “No Dad! I am not dead”. Her Dad laughs so loud and asked me where did she get the conclusion, and I just explained to him everything. Yesterday when my niece asked her again if she is an angel, she then answered “No, because I don’t have wings and halo”.

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