What To Do When Your Child Is Being Bullied

When Mj entered first grade, some days she would tell me that someone hits her on the head or the worst on her tummy. There was one time as I could not bear it at all, I really went to school and confronted the kid, I really shouted at him because he did it for so many times to Mj already and Mj always feel so helpless. I know I should talk to the teacher first but geez what will you do when you hear the complaint over and over again, I should take some action and interfere so the other kid will know that he can’t do that to his classmate because there are some parents who could give him a lesson.

Anyway, I read this in the magazine that listening could help the bully one in many ways. When the child started to open up to you, be mindful because they are taking a risk, when a child is opening up their activities or even disappointments in school, meaning they trust you enough.

Don’t Rationalize: Meaning, you have to let the child speak to their mind, as I said simply listening could help them opening up.

It Is Not An Option To Fight Back Or To Avoid The Bully: Because fighting back would lead to worst scenario. He or she could hurt the bully very badly that would lead him or her to death; you don’t want your kid to be responsible of the death of her or his classmate right? In the contrary, avoiding the bully could be a short solution to a long term problem.

Don’t Encourage Confronting The Bully Alone: It is best to have a 3rd party involve during confrontation so whatever happen the third party could be a witness.

Know the School Policies: Check the school rules and policies of the school when regards to bully. I am so happy that the school of Faith is really giving attention to those kids who are bully.

Make Sure That You Have The Written Report: Make the facts into details of the case and so when there’s schedule for a meeting with other parties involve, you can give the incident into details.

Have A Meeting With All Concerned Parties: It does not include only the bully and the bullied but the parents of both parties and so as the School Administrators, together, you could have a better chance to point an amicable solution.

Got this from Baby Magazine December to January 2013 edition

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