When Your Kid Is The Bully

I once posted here of what we need to do when our kids are being bullied, this time what if your child is the bully, how would you respond to such behaviour? Here are some advice and tips that can help you if your kid is the bully.

You can let your child explain, if he denies what she did you can simply lay down all the evidences that you found out.

You can also look for any behavioural problems like uncontrolled anger or destructive behaviour of your kid then address those at once.

Support the disciplinary action of the school, like if they implement such rule to your child, you should not against it. In that way, your kid would learn that there are always consequences every time he does something. Do not insist the innocence of your kids unless if he really did not do it.

And if your kid is always watching violent games or video, minimize it or control it because the aggressive acts in many games can cause a pattern in a child’s mind that it is not impossible at all to do such as well, it can convince them it is fun to be such as what they watch in the video. It can lead the kids to have a similar behaviour.

Got these tips from BABY Magazine

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