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Practicing For Her Recital

I just bought Mj a new guitar, and now she is practicing her song for the recital next month. As a beginner she is still practicing the simplest chords and the title of the song is “Hawak Kamay” she has been asking me though that if it’s okay not join the recital but I said how she can prove what she learned if she don’t try it in front of the audience. And so she is trying her hardest to practice every time she is not doing something or not busy with her Kumon.

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2 Week Free Trial

Mj is so happy when we bought her a new guitar, Faith keeps on telling me when we arrived yesterday that she might want to have one too or violin instead. But she is too young yet to go to the piano lessons, I am planning to enroll her on the right time. But first I am going to enroll Faith to Kumon, I already inquire for her and the head said Faith can have a 2 weeks free trial on September yet if I can wait. They wanted to make sure that my money will not put to waste because Faith can’t cope up. So September, I hope Faith will be matured enough to take this challenge. And I hope she would listen to her instructor. I’d been hearing complaints from her teacher now, although she said sorry and I know she meant it but I hope she would make up her mind not to do it again. I sometimes get tired though but I know I should not get tired especially that I am working so I am asking GOD to give me enough strength to perform my duties well.

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Begging For A Guitar

Mj is already asking me if when I could buy her a guitar, the instructor told her that she should have a guitar of her own so she can practice her recital at home. Yes she will be having a recital on June. The instructor said that she learns fast with the strumming so when I found out earlier that my earning is online already I told her right away that we would purchase a guitar tomorrow after her Kumon session. She can’t wait and she is very excited that finally she can have a guitar of her own. I am sure I will hear lots of strumming here at home, the kind of hobby that I was just dreaming before now my daughter is accomplishing whatever I didn’t accomplice before because of financial issues. First were the bike and now a guitar, geez I wonder what’s next.

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Summer 2013 With My Kids

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It was Saturday in the morning that I dragged my two daughters to the pool at the club house. It is so muggy here, so summer and we need to have some splash before Mj and I will hit the road for her Kumon.

We all know that my kids are so into water and so I plan for Faith to send her to swimming lesson again on May. I hope this time she would learn how to kick and how to really swim.

When we arrived at the pool, she exclaimed right away she wants to do a canon ball and so when she jumped she shouted “Canon ball with a splash! That was why all the people around her looked and laughed at her.

Mj on the other hand, went to swim on her own at the other side of the pool. She still did her stroke so perfect. She even out-swims the other boys who are swimming there on that day. They asked Mj to swim with them but Mj still went first.

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