I Should Be A Mom First

Tuesday and Friday, the mom here is free wherever she wants to gobecause Mj does not have any activities. But whenever I would go out from the training room, I already felt so sleepy so I just go home right away. There are times that I need to drop by to pay for our bills and then that’s it. The moment I am home, I will have to be a mom first before I can do some other things. I would ask Mj how was their day and I would ask Faith how’s her school or was she behaved at school or did she listened to her teacher. And then I would tutor for her and that is already every day. Oh well I am getting used to it and that I can’t even sleep when I can’t tutor her first. So far she is doing well, although I always reiterated to her that she has to focus and concentrate of what I am always trying to tell her to do.

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