Lack Of Calcium

Mj is complaining muscle pain again, I told her that it was maybe because we were walking and walking the whole afternoon in the mall today. Yes, I was looking for a pair of sandal and we hopped in to one shoes boutique to the other but I still can’t find anything that fits on me. She always complained about her painful muscle, even before especially after her competition, she would always ask me to massage it because it really hurts her. We even always bring this menthol ointment so I can put it on her whenever she can’t bear the pain. I realized she is not a milk drinker since then, even my youngest daughter now so maybe that was it. I only suspecting one but she lacks of calcium! Geez, I may need to buy milk again and force them to drink it. Like me, they really don’t like to drink milk but I guess I have to practice them from hereon.

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