She Will Have To Learn To Ride Alone

As I need to go out as early as nine in the morning yesterday, I have to properly instruct Mj how to get to Kumon. It supposed to be her first time yesterday to go to Kumon alone if her cousin did not came here to visit. So since her cousin went here, I just gave them fare for both of them so Moreen can accompany Mj to Kumon.

The first time I told Mj that she will get to Kumon alone since I have an orientation at work and I don’t know what time can I get home, Mj was a bit nervous, she’s worried that she could not get to her destination. I just told her to text me if something will go wrong. I have to thank to her cousin though for coming along in the house, but what if there’s no one who would accompany her, she will have to learn to ride in Jeepney on her own. I know she can do it, it is just she is scared, or she is not used to travel alone yet. I also don’t have any choice since I’ll be working but to trust and trust the LORD that he would guide my daughter along, when she travel in Jeepney.

My niece learned to ride a Jeepney when she was like 11 years old when we have to move out, too far from her school. And she was okay, I trusted that she can do it alone and she did. Now it’s Mj’s turn and I know she can do it, she just needs proper instruction and a message to her phone what to do and which route to ride. After I talked to her yesterday, before her cousin came, she was a bit excited then until her cousin came and decided to just let her accompany my daughter.

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