Smart Phones

Smart phones are everywhere these days.  You can use them for most anything, including playing games, updating your “social” networks, checking email and work applications.  This also makes them easy to abuse.  Smart phones, like the IPhone, have made work and play much easier, it has also made it easier to use it inappropriately.  Having a work provided IPhone, means it should be only used for work or as directed by your employer, some allow limited personal use.  Companies have gotten smarter and are applying Spy Apps to the phones they provide to monitor employees use of their phone.  I would think this is a very smart thing for them to do, you may want to click for more information about the application

Additionally, the IPhone and other smart phones have made it easier for your kids to participate in the same type of activities.  If you are worried about your children running with the wrong crowd or exhibiting altered or undesirable behavior, what better way to monitor their phone use by putting a mobile spy apps on their phone to let you know who they are talking or texting with and what it is all about?  There are a lot of hidden traps on the internet and in networks supporting smart phone/IPhone users.  The best way to track what goes on is with a good Spy App like Mspy for Iphone.

My daughter is looking for new gadgets this time, this is why she saves her money in the bank. It is hard for her though but she is trying her hardest to at least save. She is very excited to buy her own cell phone, she wanted to have the Iphone it is a bit more prices, if only I am earning big time I may give her what she wants. On the other note, I would start working very soon, so maybe just maybe if she will have good grades in the next school year I might buy one for her. And if she ever have an Iphone, I will definitely install a Spy App. I don’t know yet how it can be used but I would try to search how could we use the application. My husband probably knows about this so we will ask him. This time  yet, we need to look for not so costly phone but definitely it will be an Android because she is desperate to have one, she has a phone now but not an Android so hopefully she will buy a new one out of her savings.

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