Summer 2013 With My Kids

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It was Saturday in the morning that I dragged my two daughters to the pool at the club house. It is so muggy here, so summer and we need to have some splash before Mj and I will hit the road for her Kumon.

We all know that my kids are so into water and so I plan for Faith to send her to swimming lesson again on May. I hope this time she would learn how to kick and how to really swim.

When we arrived at the pool, she exclaimed right away she wants to do a canon ball and so when she jumped she shouted “Canon ball with a splash! That was why all the people around her looked and laughed at her.

Mj on the other hand, went to swim on her own at the other side of the pool. She still did her stroke so perfect. She even out-swims the other boys who are swimming there on that day. They asked Mj to swim with them but Mj still went first.

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