Tutoring My Daughter Myself

The tutor messaged me one day that on April 1 will be the last day of her tutor with Faith. I was like surprised because I thought she would continue until May for Faith’s summer class. And so I just decided not to convince her at all besides she is always absent during the session and I end up the one who would teach Faith. The problem also with her was Faith will not follow her, I mean she would follow sometimes but usually she won’t, Faith will just makes fun and will not listen. In fairness, Faith improves a lot with the way she teaches, she is also trying so hard not to scold Faith, she is trying so hard to be so kind and nice to Faith, which I like. So now since she will not continue her tutor with my youngest daughter, I will be the one to sit for Faith. It has been like days already that I am trying to tutor Faith, she won’t listen but since I am her Mom she will. We are yet starting, in the next few days I will start digging what she taught to my daughter especially reading. I hope I can find it and I know the techniques to teach Faith. I am no teacher at all; I always lose my patience so help me GOD!

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