Faith’s summer class will end today, I went to the school with her and she was very happy about it. What I am not happy about when I went home that day because I found out that her behavior still did not progress. She still keeps on standing up inside the class room, the teacher advised us to always tell Faith to behave otherwise she will be brought back to Pre-K. I cried when I learned about this, what should I do for her to be prompt, my husband advised me to seek an advice but I don’t know who would be the right person to ask. I am tired of facing all of this, while my husband is too far away from me just listening what is our update. There is no difference to being a single mom, except for the fact that he is supporting me. I felt pity for Faith, I know she is normal or am I just in denial of what is really happening? Do I really have to go to a professional to help me understand to help my daughter as well?

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