The Importance To Have A Plan

Do you have an emergency plan for your family? Do you have a place to go and meet if you can’t make it home? If there is a fire in your home do you have alternate ways to get out, depending on the location of the fire? In type of emergency can cause you to want to get out of your home safely and quickly. It is important to have a plan.

One thing every home needs is two or three egress routes. I am not talking about the front and back door, but a window. Especially if you have a two story house you need to have a way out of the house from the second floor. Egress routes should be taught to all family members from the oldest to the youngest. Older siblings need to know that they need to be able to get their young siblings out of the house if the parents are unable to. You can see a Denver Egress Window near Aurora if you are in the greater Denver area.

Know your egress window well and make sure you have a plan for your family and all family members know the plan. You need to practice to make sure all understand their roles and responsibilities in case of emergency and have a safe and secure meeting place.

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