Will Get Her A New Floater

Yesterday, my sister went to the pool in the other subdivision where the pool is measured 25 meters. I asked her to go there to inquire for swimming lesson fee. It supposed to be first week on May that my youngest will start her swimming lesson but since she have a summer class to attend to, we have to have that one set aside. Since last week Faith was just home watching cartoons and in the afternoon she’s still continue with her tutor. Another activity for her would be a good idea since she is a very hyper active kids.

Today, I will be going out so I can go to the mall, I’ll be going out early so I can get home early and rest. I will buy her a new floater because the old one got busted. It has hole so it will not pop anymore. Too busy here, wish I can have enough to get a massage for myself sigh!

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