Daddy And Faith Bonding With Ice Cream

I thought we will just be staying home today, but later in the afternoon Mj asked me to go to the mall to buy her some notebooks. Additional notebooks would be needed for their activities at school. I thought we already had enough since I followed all the requirements on the list I didn’t know they will have to ask more.

So my husband and I with Mariel and Faith went to the mall. The Daddy and the daughter had fun eating the ice cream since the daughter asked his father to buy her some ice cream. How a Father could says no, so we went to the store and they had so much fun licking in their ice cream. My husband was with Faith the whole time as I am busy picking things up for the house. When it was our turn to pay at the counter, he have to take Faith to the rides since she is already bothering us, she got bored so Daddy have to take her away from the crowd and they both enjoyed the 4D nearby. They have done the racing car; my husband said they were with some nuns at the 4D. Faith had so much fun with her Daddy, they also went inside the trampoline and he also let Faith ride the small motorcycle. When they got back we are almost finish with paying our stuffs.

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