Death March: Independence Day

Mj has a break from school today because it’s HOLIDAY, it’s independence day! When we went to the mall the other day, Mj and I saw a bunch of stalls at the mall, they posted the history of  Filipinos during war. It was so interesting, I was reading like 30 minutes, the most interesting part was the death march, the Bataan Death March. The Japanese didn’t expect how big their responsibility handling the prisoners as they were too many. There are no organized plan to  handle them as well, some of the prisoners were killed, and abused. There were like 2,500 to 10,000 Filipinos and about 650 Americans died before they reach their destination at Camp O Donnel. They have to walk about 180 kms so there are only few who survived, those who can’t walk anymore, the Japanese bayoneted them and force the comrades to bury them and if they would refuse to do so, they would be murdered as well. When they reach the Camp O Donnel, the rate of killings still continues, 30 to 50 rate a day.

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