Dinner For Family And Friends

Yesterday, we were able to celebrate my niece birthday. My husband agreed with me that we should have dinner outside in Outback Grill with friends and family. Since they have class, my niece just waited for us outside with her friend. I and my husband together with my family went there together. That afternoon, my husband and I went out to watch a movie World War Z; it was our first date ever after so many years. After watching the movie we went back home so I can rest and sleep a little, it was already 7:00 p.m. that my husband tried to wake me for dinner. My friend already messaged me that they are already there waiting for us. LOL, I wanted to cancel the dinner but of course everything is set so we must go.

Good thing, my friend and her family who waited at the restaurant were patient and understand us. I just messaged them that we will gonna be late since I am working. They were the one who advised me I should resign for my kids and husband. Anyway, thank GOD the simple dinner went successful, even how noisy the background was because of the loud music from a band who performed that night. Grrr, too bad I was not able to bring my camera since we could not find the charger. Anyway, my friend was able to bring one so we were able to take some pictures.

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