Happy 18th Birthday Mariel!

I just would like to grab this chance to greet my niece Mariel a happy 18th birthday. I have promised her to buy her a new phone on her birthday but my night off falls on Thursday and that’s tomorrow yet. So my husband and I went to the mall quickly to buy her a cake in Red Ribbon. Since I am working, and Faith was with us, we went back home immediately so I can sleep before I will head to work. Sister Lilian, Mariel’s mom called her on the phone and greet her happy birthday, she asked how was her birthday but Mariel it seems it is just an ordinary day. I mean, I want to make it special but with the hectic schedule I have, I have to set aside the celebration so I can concentrate on my work otherwise I would come up to a decision to just quit.

Mariel my niece, happy happy birthday, so even we don’t have many foods in our table and we did not celebrate your special day, tomorrow you will be able to celebrate it with  your new phone. Just don’t tell them that I am the one who buy it for you. I don’t want to have some issues on the way, so this gift would be just for the two of us. Okay?

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