On Father’s Day, Daddy Arrives

There’s nothing beats our happiness when Daddy arrives on Father’s Day. For us that was the best Father’s Day for all of us because finally Daddy made it. The kids were surprised when Daddy arrived at the Apartele early in the morning; Mj was so surprised that she could not move on her bed because she was listening to the one talking in the other bedroom. She tried to wake herself up and tried to pinch her face because she must be dreaming but nope she’s not. Daddy carried Faith on his arm and went to Mj in the other bedroom, Mj jump out from the bed, the moment she saw Daddy, she hugged him tight. Because of too much excitement, I was not able to prepare my camera to take a picture for three of them.

 photo 1004750_10200989250429581_1930763142_n_zps39ef0673.jpg

Daddy on Father’s Day!

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