Pay Day Loans

Each state has unique laws pertaining to pay day loans. While some states allow consumers to have multiple loans at a time or take out extensions to make the payments, others do not allow these practices. If you are considering taking out California pay day loans, here is what you should know about the laws in California. Anyone applying for a loan with USA Cash Services in California should be a resident of that state and have valid identification. Applicants must also have proof of income, and they should have an open checking account for the funds. Loans can be applied for online, and customers will receive an online account where they can view documents easily or apply for new loans. Married people may apply for separate pay day loan accounts, but they should each have a different Email address. The maximum loan term in California is 31 days, and the maximum amount for these loans is $300 per state law. Fees for the deferred deposit transaction are limited to 15 percent of the face amount of the check. What you use the funds for is entirely left to your discretion. You can use the money to take advantage of a fantastic sale, keep the rent current or cover last minute school supplies. The funds are deposited directly to your account, and the payment will be taken out of your account on the agreed-upon date. While pay day loans do carry fees, they are generally more affordable than the late fees and other expenses you may face if you do not get the cash you need to handle those little emergencies and financial situations.

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