The Classes Starts

June 2 was the first class of the government school, and so expect the heavy traffic especially in the morning. Good thing though that Mj’s school class will start on June 10 yet and Faith would be on the 24th so I am not that panicky in terms of buying them school supplies. On Thursday during my day off, I will have to wake up at 3:00 p.m. to buy Mj’s school stuffs. I found her requirements to buy inside my wallet and so it is not hard for me which things to buy since it is already listed how many notebooks are required for her. The days are rolling so fast I hope that we can get already her uniform before the school starts I mean it would be nice to start the school with a uniform right? But the tailoring shop did not texted us yet maybe we have to make follow up on them at the end of this week. June 10 would be the start most of the private schools, and it is not my off so I guess I have to go out from the house early so I will not be trapped in the middle of the traffic.

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