We Purchased School Stuffs For My Eldest

I went out late from the floor this morning to cover my AHT but unfortunately it didn’t work, I still have red mark. If I could I would have stayed longer hours but I can’t because I need to wake up later in the afternoon yet to attend my eldest daughter. We need to buy her some requirements for school, as I mentioned this week their class will start on June 10.

So even though I was still groggy and still so sleepy I have to get my butt up from bed to take a shower to accompany my daughter at the mall. I also have to pay our rent for the house so I really don’t have any excuse not to go out because if only I don’t┬áhave to pay our house, I might just rest myself at home and will do the buying of school stuffs later today.

On the other hand my eldest daughter was so happy that I finally prepare myself to go out with her, she has been ready to go out in the mall, in fact she is done an hour before already. When we are already in the mall, good thing it is not jam-packed with last minute buyer like me. The mall was actually not so crowded, so Mj was able to pick fast what she likes. I just have to tell her to hurry because I really need to sleep more, knowing Mj when she shop she always want to make sure that she like what she choose and she can’t decide that easy so I have to push her to decide right away so we can go home immediately.

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