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Do More With Your Kids By Biking Or Running

Even just exercising, you can do it with your kids, of course we wanted them to physically fit so we tell them as often as we want but it is better to practice what we preach. No need for gears or gadgets to do exercise. You just need a two pairs of rubber shoes and run with your kids inside the village or in a real track oval in sports center.

If you have a bike, you can also do biking together, it is so much fun to bike with your kids and explore new surroundings and new places. If your child is only a toddler and he/she only have the trainer bike or have three wheels, it does not affect the fun at all. Start it by teaching your kids how to ride on two wheels. Just a few laps around the blocks and you can have the greatest bonding with your kid. This is also your make up time especially when you are too busy and not at home very often.

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