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I Know Anak!

I could not believe how time flies so fast, you are even taller than me as the days passed by. You are grown so beautiful and very athletic, although you stopped from the sport that you first in love with, I know within you, you missed the training a lot. However we already made a decision and that is to concentrate in your studies. I know sometimes I get too irritated with the sounds of your guitar in the morning, but I want you to know that I enjoyed every strumming of your guitar I just want you to be responsible first inside the house, you can play your guitar later when you are done with the house chores. This is for your own good so you know how to be responsible in everything you do.  I know you are also tired doing your Kumon work sheets but I hope you know that I enrolled you to that center it is because I don’t want you to struggle with your Math, take it from me, even I already graduated in college, Math was never been close to me. I know that you don’t like your skin because it is dark, blame it to the training when you have to swim before under the heat of the sun but please we have the same skin color, you are even fairer than me before the training but please know that for me you are the most beautiful young lady in the whole wide world. I am proud of you Mj even though I get pissed off when you don’t listen to me, and I love you even we are fighting most often now, I don’t know why but we always clash. I am trying my best though to reach you so I could understand you, I mean I sometimes really don’t understand the new generation nowadays but for you I will try and I will never leave you no matter what. I may not say this very often but I love you so much Anak!

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