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First Periodical Exam For This Year

Mj is having their first periodical exam today, last night she reviewed her notes I am glad that she is doing it on her own now. I hope she will be able to make it, I mean this is the first time without me assisting her on her study. The school always have an activity though and it has the share for their grades, which is I am thankful about because there would be teamwork among the group. On the other hand I know Mj is trying hard to prove that she can do it by herself otherwise I would get snoopy about her stuff again. I mean I know for sure we will clash again, she has her own way and I have mine but anyway I hope it will not happen, not this time that she is already in high school.

On the other hand, Faith has a long quiz last week and we were able to get the score on her Reading yesterday, when she went outside the classroom yesterday she was so happy that she have 2 stars on her hand. She showed it to me and she asked me if I am proud of her, of course I do, I mean it is already 6 days that she always got a star each day because she behaved. I cannot contain happiness that finally Faith can now behave and will listen to her teacher. I guess grounding system is very effective in disciplining kids.

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