Celebrated Cian’s Christening

We just had a blast yesterday; I and the kids went to a Christening party. It was held in Larous so even thought it was muggy and hot yesterday, we didn’t notice it as the kids enjoyed the party so much. I had fun especially when Faith is trying to win the game; she is striving so hard to get the prizes. And so when we went home, we had lots of loot bags in our hand, good thing we have a car and so it gave us no hassle at all when we have to bring all our things from the party. I also would like to greet the son of my friend, who charmed all the guests on that day; maybe he really knows it’s his day. Happy Christening Cian and thank you for inviting us, it was a very nice party. We indeed went home with our stomach full, and we had so much fun.

 photo cats_zpsc00e8d2e.jpg

Obviously the kids enjoyed the party so much, you must look at those smiles, it is indeed so priceless.

 photo cats_zps7d0afa12.jpg

Welcome to the Christian World Cian, thank you so much for inviting us.

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