Fruit Salad On Nutrition Day

First thing first, we already found the lost book finally. When the teacher checked all of bags of the kids and did not find the book of Faith she told me immediately that the book is neither in the classroom nor in her classmates. So when we arrived home yesterday, I looked for her book again, later I saw the book in the bookshelves of her sister’s bedroom. I just wonder why I didn’t found the book last the other night while I tried to look in every corner of the house including the bookshelves. Anyway the important is we already found it, don’t give me an idea of something that would scare, nope, not this time. LOL.

Today is their nutrition day but unlike with graders, kinder does not have program or wearing any costume. They are just making a fruit salad and my daughter was task to bring a condensed milk. I thought we can have a taste of their fruit salad but nope because when I arrived at their classroom, the fruit salad is nowhere to be found. But my daughter said that they ate the fruit salad, she even told me that one of her classmate was not able to get a star because she did not finish her food and she got a star because she behaved and she finishes her food.

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