Grounding System

There is only seldom that I spank Faith, I mean not spank like spank like hitting her very hard. It is just most likely a tap on her butt enough for her to know that she did something or I am already mad at her and that she should stop whining or being hard headed. But sometimes she would really test my temper, which makes me really mad at her. One day, I found the best way to keep her tame at school, and that is the grounding system, I tell you it is very effective, I mean at least for me. She is very hyper I know, she never listen to her teacher before and there were only sometimes that she would behave. You can imagine that I will be just very happy if she will get one star in one week, I know it is not enough but I could not do anything with it at that time. However ever since I was the one who is sending her to school and fetched her, I learned what is the best way for her to keep tame. There is one time that she was really hyper, when I asked the teacher how she was at school, the teacher replied immediately that as usual she did not behave. As usual? Yes as usual meaning there is only number of times that she behaves, so when she was in the car, I talked to her and told her what she did, she sat there and quiet.

When we arrived at home I told her that she is grounded, she could not use the computer and cellphone, she could not watch Disney Junior in the TV as well and even to her DVD player. She argued but I reprimanded her of what she did at school, she was quiet again. Later I found her just playing on her toys on our bed. I wanted to give in and let her watch TV but I know I have to be firm so she can put it on her mind that she have to behave at school. From then on, she tried to listen and behave at school; I was surprised that for two weeks, everyday, she could receive stars from her teacher. And so I know that the grounding system is very effective, of course I am a happy gaily mother here to know that she is improving a lot from her activities at school.

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